How to Take Care of Tulips?

Wednesday, January 1st 2014. | Care and Tips, Tulip

how to take care of tulips? Here is some tips and guide to take care of tulip flowers. If you come across a beauty like tulip, you will admire it because of its healthy and charming bloom with perfect petals and vibrant color. But there is much more happening behind that. In order to get to see such blossom, you actually need to take care of it which takes efforts and devotion. Whether you want it to be out door in your garden or indoor in vases around the house, you know that you have to take care of it unless it will not survive for long and its beauty stops indulging us. Now, we are going to share the tips on how taking care of tulips by you yourself.
How to Take Care of Tulips

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These are steps to follow:
1. Planting the tulips
In order to grow it properly, you need to find a place with adequate amount of sunlight. It is best to plant it in mid to late October. As far as the soil is concerned, find a well-drained, airy, loamy one for cultivation of tulips. Since this flower cannot tolerate standing water, make sure to increase the water drainage by adding some sands. For the holes to place the bulbs, they should be 6-8 inches deep. Make sure they face pointed side upwards.

2. Watering
Successfully plant the bulbs; you need to water and then cover them with 1-inch mulch of bean straw that will protect the soil so that it can hold water. For regular watering, you need to do it in the fall or during early spring, as well as before blooming and after blooming. During winter and other dry seasons, you have to intensively water them. To avoid the soil cracking, they need to be watered regularly.

3. Protection of tulips
This plant is vulnerable to little critters, so make sure to take care of it. You are allowed to spray the plant with animal repellent sprays in order to protect them from small animals such as squirrels, rabbits or gophers. Building barriers can be another option to make. In addition, you may either sprinkle a blood meal on the top of the soil around the tulip bulbs or install a chicken wire over the top of the garden in order to protect the small shoots of tulips. When petals fall, make sure to clean them from the tulip bed to prevent blight.