Most Popular Bougainvillea Varieties Colors

Tuesday, January 7th 2014. | Bougainvillea

Here are the most popular Bougainvillea varieties colors with some pictures and photos. Bougainvillea flowers are very beauty with bright colors. Everyone know that the strength of bougainvillea is in its wide variety of colors which are all vibrant, radiant and exceedingly beautiful. You may travel all round the world and find this flower comes in so many different colors with each charm that may be different from one person to the other.
Purple Bougainvillea Flowers

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This flower gives lovely blossoms throughout the year. The idea of having all colors in your garden or home is undeniably hilarious. Yet you may not know what colors are there to have. Let’s see the data here.

Colors of Bougainvillea Varieties in Similar Color

Bi-Color Snow Purple
Coconut Ice
Miss Universe
Yani’s Delight

Hugh Evans
Sundown Orange
Double Tone Aussie Gold
Bridal Bouquet
Mahara Beauty
Mahara Roseville
Mahara Magic Red
Pink Mrs. Butt
Cherry Blossom
James Walker
Pink Pixie
Rosa Preciosa
Temple Fire
Lilac Brasilensis
Easter Parade
Texas King
Purple Jubilee
New River
Twilight Delight
Maureen Hatten
Texas Dawn
Violet La Joya
Queen Violet
Sao o
Elizabeth Angus
Red Barbara Karst
Crimson Red
Don Fernando
Juanita Hatten
Tomato Red
San Diego Red
White Shubra
Java White
Key West Alba
Variegated Rubra
Delta Dawn
Blueberry Ice
Double Delight
Fantasy Red
Golden Summers
Mardi Gras
Orange Ice
Picta Aurea
Raspberry Ice
Pixie Queen
Royal Bengal
Royal Dauphine
Vicky Thimma
White Stripe
Yellow Golden Glow
California Gold

Now, that you know how many colors to have, you can start searching one that you prefer a lot and try to get them at home and beautify it perfectly and amazingly.