Types of Tulips Flowers

Wednesday, January 1st 2014. | Tulip

Here are the types of tulips flowers with some pictures. Tulip has become the iconic and mascot flower of Holland. And going with its popularity, it has been considered as the world most loved flower at the third place following after rose and chrysanthemum. Its unique and distinctive features really impress and attract so many people. The various colors and the cup-shaped make it a beautiful and elegant flower which is treasured by folks all over the world. The history wrote that it comes from Central and Western Asia. Tulips were first brought to Europe in the mid 16th century and reached Holland in 1570.

Viridiflora Tulips

Viridiflora Tulips

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According to the results of long research, there are numerous varieties of tulips. Kazakhstan has around thirty-four different species of tulips. Different climates create various species of tulips. Based on the Royal Horticultural Association of Holland, there are some groups of official divisions according to the tulips types.

Types of Tulips List

1. Single Early Tulips: Single early tulips are available in many different colors ranging from jewel tones to pastel shades. They have strong stems and usually grow in spring.

2. Double Early Tulips: they have more petals and are considered to be more like peonies. There are some shades ranging from white, pink, yellow, orange and red.

3. Triumph Tulips: these types have been considered as the most important type of tulips. There are ones in purple, apricot, white, pink, yellow, orange and red. They are best to grow indoors and commonly loom in mid-spring.

4. Darwin Hybrid Tulips: The unique feature is its bloom which resemble pyramid. It comes in colors like black, white, pink, yellow, orange and red. It grows well in on the late spring.

5. Single Late Tulips: its oval shaped and very long bloom is very beautiful. They are available in the shades of white, black, pink, yellow and pink.

6. Fringed Tulips: they are long-lasting types which are available in shades of white, pink, apricot, yellow, orange, red and purple. Its single cup with “crystal-shaped” bloom is damn unique.

7. Lilly-flowered Tulips: as similar as its name, the blossom of this type really resembles lily. They are available in the shades of white, apricot, yellow, orange, red and purple. The flower is also susceptible to heavy winds.

8. Viridiflora Tulips: this one is able to survive longer than the others. It is also called “green tulip” since it got a streak of green on the petals.

9. Parrot Tulips: this type is exceptionally bright with large bloom. The petals of the parrot tulips are either twisted curled or waved and are available in shades of white, apricot, pink, yellow and orange.

Besides, there are more types such as Double Late Tulip, Rembrandt, Fosteriana, Greigii, Kaufmanniana and Multiflowering Tulip. Now you know that there are numerous varieties in so many different colors of tulip you can choose and pick to be the object of beauty in your house if you like.