Most Popular Flower Tattoos And Their Meanings

Most Popular Flower Tattoos And Their Meanings

There are the top 10 flower tattoos and their meanings with the pictures which are popular among tattoo lovers. Tattoo lovers and enthusiasts love to be inked in floral patterns these days. The variety and choices are increasing and most of them are very beautiful. In fact, because of the meanings and symbols they carry, people tend to get tempted to have flowers in their bodies. Though women fancy them more, men are started to get interested as well. The trend of flower tattoos was started in Japan and the reach is getting wider now. However, each flower tattoo tends to get interpreted differently for each region because of some reasons like a legend, religious belief, culture and etc. you might need to do research before deciding on a design of the tattoo. We would like to share some most commonly chosen flowers for tattoo designs here and get you informed.

Top 10 Flower Tattoos And Their Meanings

1. Lotus Tattoo

The most popular one is an unarguable lotus tattoo. This one has a strong philosophical meaning which can be a very great and sacred reason for you to get willingly inked apart from the fact that this one is so beautiful. It represents knowledge, enlightenment, and life.

2. Cherry Blossom Tattoo

This one is from Japan and has become popular in the world. This is very close to Japanese culture and is called “Mono no aware”. It represents empathy or sensitivity and delicacy. When it is associated with stories like samurai, the flower is a symbol of life, mortality, and beauty of it.

3. Chrysanthemum Tattoo

This one is related closely to Japanese art and is considered the symbol of royalty, perfection, and deity. Apart from that, people also see it as a symbol of joy and happiness. Chinese folks associate it with Taoism which is all about simplicity. People often use it as a gift.

4. Rose Tattoo

This one is not so popular yet American traditional folks love to use it. Rose is always the symbol of love and beauty. In the world of tattoos, this flower got profound meaning such as endless love, balance, hope, and a new beginning or new life. Yet it can have negative meanings such as loss and thoughtlessness.

5. Peony Tattoo

This one is the king of flowers in Japan. It symbolizes royalty, elegance, fortune, and wealth. Usually, this flower is inked in red for tattoos while the actuality, there are more colors around.

6. Orchid Tattoo

In Japan, the orchid is seen as a symbol of brave warriors. Aztec folks believe it is the symbol of power and strength while people in china take it as the representation of prosperity, fertility, and refinement. There are more than 25,000 kinds of orchid flowers that you can choose and each can have different meanings altogether.

7. Hibiscus Tattoo

The meaning of this flower is quite simple compared to other flowers, especially in Japan. It means gentle and delicate. Moreover, in Hawaii, the hibiscus is seen as the flower of respect, power, beauty, and royalty.

8. Lilies Tattoo

Lilies are so delicate and have been the favorite of women and girls. It is the symbol of divine feminine and perfection. It also means purity, innocence, and compassion.

9. Poppies Tattoo

Poppies are found in every single part of the world. However, this fact does not help it get a variety of meanings. There are just a couple of meanings that are quite limited. Greek and Roman tradition believes it is the symbol of death and eternal sleep while universally; people associate it with sleep or peace.

10. Dogwood Flower Tattoo

You may find so many meanings in this flower that are different from one culture to the others. It is commonly believed as the symbol of undiminished love by adversity and differences or powerful and undefeated love. Moreover, it can mean empathy, rebirth or incarnation, and rejuvenation. Check out: Perennial Flowers For Herb Garden Ideas