List Of Black Flowers That So Popular

List Of Black Flowers That So Popular

Though masses will prefer vibrant colored flowers, there are edgy people who love black flowers. There are several of them around and they have been associated with some dark meanings. Dark or black-hued flowers are charismatic, mysterious yet classy, and elegant. It symbolizes death, sadness, grief, farewell and etc. It seems so unreal and looks like the ones coming from the world of fairytales. Yet, you need to know that the black colors of these flowers are actually darker purple and red. We give you the list here.

Black Dahlia

The black shade on dahlia is actually more of a deeper burgundy and dark chocolate.

Chocolate Cosmos

In cosmos flowers, they appear to be black flowers yet actually if you take a look closely it is more reddish. This one is unique because of its fragrance which smells like chocolate.


You find this flower only during winter and indeed, it is used a lot for Christmas day. Apart from the dark color which is brownish to reddish, you can actually find it in a variety of vibrant colors. Not only the flower can turn dark, but also the leaves which are very rare.


Pansy in the black color is actually in purple’s darker shade. This one has been considered a lovable charmer. It has the ability to light up your garden with its charisma.

Black Lily

Lily is a beautiful flower that can afford to charm in every shade. In black, this one is looking absolutely elegant and edgy with a superbly sexy aura. The color itself is a combination of red-purple.

Calla Lily

Calla lily in black or dark color is very rare. It has the charisma, grace, and elegance that can boast outstanding beauty. The color is more maroon and purple rather than black as it is commonly perceived.

Queen of the Night Tulip

The true color of this tulip is purple in its darkest shade. They bloom late compared to others and radiate while others are already starting to fade.

Bat Orchid

An Orchid is the most beautiful flower which can afford to look smashing cool in black. It is called bat orchid for obvious reasons. It can survive in a hot conservatory only.

Black Magic Hollyhock

This one is a blue-black flower that is quite tall and stands out in every garden. You will find it a lot in the mid and late summer.

Black Velvet Petunia

Not only this one is beautifully dark, its smooth texture and velvety petal are amazing. This flower is the first petunia that is completely black. Click here to read about Flower Therapy For Better Life Quality.