Trends of Black and White Terrazzo Tiles in 2022

Trends of Black and White Terrazzo Tiles in 2022

Black and white terrazzo tiles are timeless in use and application for home interior and exterior. Ranging from classic tiles to traditional tiles, you can create ornate and retro designs from the terrazzo tiles collection. And there are many ways to explore and adopt this trend to create the stun you desire. 

The combination of black and white in designs dates back centuries, especially for the stark contrast. You can use this combination to show the difference between right and wrong, valuable and beautiful. For instance, piano players can easily see the distinction between keys since some are white and others are black, this is what people keep in mind before buy terrazzo tiles. The same difference goes for color contrast for interior decorations, as this color pairing is a way to bring two opposite ends together. 

Classic Tiling patterns

One of the creative ways to use black and white tile combinations is to think of an innovative appearance. You can build a checkerboard-like pattern when you lay black terrazzo tiles alongside white ones. This pattern is one of the most traditionally acceptable ones, especially if the tiles are square. At the same time, the output appears evenly distributed within a symmetrical finish. Even if neither white nor black are not your favorite colors, you can still enjoy the contrast their combination creates. 

Another way to bring the best out of these terrazzo tiles is by choosing a unique arrangement or style of laying. For instance, one can use the chevron, herringbone, or hexagonal variants. As for the traditional checkerboard style, you can find the Di Sccachi style as one of the timeless and most elegant ones to choose from. At the same time, the white color raises the tone, the black color tones things down a bit more. 

Similarly, you can create a more contemporary feel by smoothening the surface and the edges. Bear in mind that this combination can also work perfectly for your bathroom, porch, balcony, and even hallways. Black and white terrazzo tiles bring in the practicality of choosing terrazzo over porcelain tiles. For instance, the marble effect from terrazzo tiles is second to none. 

Trends of Black and White Terrazzo Tiles in 2022

Patterns of Black and White Terrazzo Tiles

Whether you choose to go for the basic or the more elaborate pattern, combining black and white terrazzo tiles is an excellent way to achieve elegance. Combining white and black tiles is more than creating a contrast; it is also more about satisfying the demands of other color shades you may have within the home. In other words, the tiles can build a good environment with all the intricate values intact. 

Some of the vintage options that involve a combination of black and white tiles include the Casablanca mono décor. Others include the harlequin décor and Tangier Isla mono ceramic. A new design is created if you can get a professional to lay the tiles. The output is a catchy retro-style of black and white tile combination. You can add some creativity by introducing a mix of non-uniform shapes. Visit to read about Top Q&A with our Terrazzo Tiles Expert.

Trends of Black and White Terrazzo Tiles in 2022

Mixing and matching tiles 

Designers can also optimize your space with black and white themes, especially in the interior parts. And one way to create that effect is to combine the different monochrome tiles with modern uses. The first three options are the simple tile shades with a white, grey, and black combo or the patterned black-on-white tiles. When you create such a transformation within the bathroom, you can achieve a modern and stylish use of your space. 

Apart from matching combinable attributes, you can also mix things up further. For example, you can combine the Iggy White Gloss with the Terrazzo Nouveau Mono. Moreover, it can integrate the terrazzo style with porcelain tiles using the classic combination of black and white-colored tiles. In a place like your bathroom or kitchen with tapware, you can enhance your interior beauty with a matt black and white color.

Trends of Black and White Terrazzo Tiles in 2022

Modern vs. Classic: The blend of Past and Present

Now that we have identified the beauty we can create using black and white terrazzo tiles let us look at specific patterns. These are laying patterns with a rich history as to what these colors can do in different designs. Below are some of the examples;


The chequerboard pattern is a classic choice from the Victorian tiling styles adaptable in hallways, bathrooms, and even lounges. The black and white combinations are the best for this pattern, with typical examples like the Fitz Black Honed Marble in square shapes. 


The second recommendation is the Chevron, which originated from Greece several years ago but became predominant in the mid-century. This pattern allows veining of the tiles with examples including Piazza Amber Matt and Piazza Nero Matt. combining the black and white tiles can build an attractive twist to your classic chevron tile laying pattern. 

Trends of Black and White Terrazzo Tiles in 2022


The Octagons are eight-sided shapes that also originated from the Victorian era. An example is the Calacatta Tumbled Marble Octagon, which has washed tones and tumbled edges. This way, it enhances the smoothness and softness of the texture of both the floor and the walls. 


The basketweave reminisces the Art Deco era of the 1920s, where a significant color is woven together like a basket. The Carrara Honed Marble basketweave mosaic is an excellent choice for this effect and can help build a recreation of the 20th-century style. 


On a final note, black and white terrazzo tiles can be fashioned into a timeless design if you pick the correct pattern. Some of our recommended styles and patterns are discussed in this article. And if you need further help in making your choice, you can contact us. We have live customer service to attend to all your needs for terrazzo tiles.