Top Q&A with our Terrazzo Tiles Expert

Top Q&A with our Terrazzo Tiles Expert

When using terrazzo tiles for home furnishing, several questions come to mind. However, the answer to those questions cannot come satisfactorily from just any mere worker or user. You may need a professional to give the correct answer, which this article is about. Our expert handler will be providing solutions to the use of terrazzo tiles in your next project in a way that removes all your fears. Let’s dive straight in.

What are the unique features of Terrazzo Tiles?

First off, terrazzo tiles are unique products for home finishing in that they are practically very eco-friendly in a safe manner. In addition, it also produces a stunning outlook in a modern production technique with the right bling outlook. Moreover, it is also very durable and can remain intact for a long time. This timelessness returns a good value for investment for anyone who chooses these terrazzo tiles.

Why choose Terrazzo Tiles for your Project?

Terrazzo tiles can also be an essential part of preserving the planet for more sustainable use in the long run and you can apply them to both the floor and the wall. This unique beauty terrazzo tile is also complemented by having a fantastic variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. At the same time, using terrazzo tiles is a safe and eco-friendly choice in these ‘green days.’ These are the days of being more conscious of how we can better care for our environmental resources without causing harm or depletion.

Terrazzo Tiles have been around for several years before. What is responsible for the sudden resurgence?

Many people can point at one or two houses they knew in several decades past designed with terrazzo. That is proof that these tiles have been around for several years. So, you begin to wonder why the clamor for terrazzo is now on the rise. One of the factors responsible for the resurgence is that we now have better technologies and techniques to produce better terrazzo tiles. 

As a result, terrazzo tiles can now be integrated into modern structures within different kinds of environments. These applications include both the residential and the commercial areas. Moreover, one no longer needs specialized technical knowledge to lay them. In the past, after pouring terrazzo tiles, it may take several weeks before drying up. 

On the other hand, some dual-layer flooring may even require a special kind of floor that can accommodate the weight of the terrazzo and require some polishing. However, today you can get a single layer of terrazzo tiles in a pre-finished form. This form can also come with honing, brushing, polishing, and sandblasted finishes. In the end, it is quick and easy to use almost immediately. 

Top Q&A with our Terrazzo Tiles Expert

Can’t Porcelain replace Terrazzo Tiles?

In practical terms, porcelain tiles are also suitable, but they are nothing compared to natural terrazzo. And you only need to hold them up against each other to tell the stark difference. You will begin to see how bland and in parallel dimensions both items are against each other. While Porcelain produces copy the outward design of terrazzo tiles and prints them onto the desired material, it never carries terrazzo depth. 

The printed version of the picture is deprived of the depth of the actual marble material that took several years to create. At the same time, when using Porcelain, don’t forget that the process requires firing at a temperature of 10000C. That amount of energy is unnecessary in producing terrazzo tiles and can be channeled into other productive use.

How practical is the use of terrazzo tiles?

Terrazzo tiles are incredibly durable for use when laid correctly. Afterward, the owner can rest with the assurance that the terrazzo flooring can serve for a lifetime. Meanwhile, it may require some help to keep it pristine, just like using natural stone. However, you may also do some sanding and polishing to restore the original beauty of the terrazzo tiles. 

Top Q&A with our Terrazzo Tiles Expert

Do I always have to seal the tiles?

Terrazzo tiles can be made from cement and natural stone, which can be slightly porous as flooring materials. Therefore, it is essential to consider sealing them to prevent future staining into the fabric of the material. However, the sealing necessity depends on the use of the floor. For instance, sealing may be necessary when the terrazzo tiles are laid every 12 to 18 months. You can read about the latest color trends of terrazzo tiles in 2022 by visiting

Which type of projects are terrazzo tiles most suitable for?

Since single-layer terrazzo is a very versatile material, it can work with practically any type of project. Therefore, you can apply terrazzo tiles to virtually all types of residential and commercial projects ranging from hotels to restaurants and bars. As for hotel terrazzo, the slip rating is often about PTV>36 or PTV>42, and terrazzo can serve in both cases. 

Furthermore, modern terrazzo tiles made from single-layer technology are now very lightweight and durable. As a result, one can now apply them to different residential projects without any fear of change to the building’s structural weight. It remains natural, eco-friendly, and beautiful for the home. 

Top Q&A with our Terrazzo Tiles Expert

Conclusion: What final advice would you give to those considering terrazzo tiles?

Our company already offers many terrazzo tiles in different styles and sizes. This extensive range also supports the other uses formats, from small chips to huge slabs that contain embedded marble chips. In addition, we collaborate with many manufacturing companies committed to in-depth research of terrazzo styles and colors.

Therefore, before choosing your terrazzo tiles, we recommend that you touch or feel the material in use before making your final decision. While you can pick some colors and designs via an online store, the texture may differ after delivery. And you don’t want unwelcome surprises. Moreover, we will be willing to send you samples if you wish while also having a dedicated sales service. 

You can get in touch with our experienced sales team to discuss the nature of the project and your terrazzo tiles needs. Click here to read about Protected Terrazzo Floors Last a Lifetime.