Latest Color Trends of Terrazzo Tiles in 2022

Latest Color Trends of Terrazzo Tiles in 2022

Depending on your personal project needs, you can choose the style and type of terrazzo finish you desire. On the other hand, the predominant season in your zone or type of project can also determine what choice of terrazzo tiles to make. At the same time, it becomes a different ball game when you consider what color trends are predominant in the present time. 

The most important thing in tiles color trends is that it does not only apply to new construction projects. Those with existing terrazzo tiles can decide to renovate their bathroom, kitchen, or living room with the current color trend upgrade. As a result, you may turn an old structure into a brand new one when you make the right choice.

Our job here is to guide you to that great choice that will excite you for years to come. You may be considering terrazzo floor tile for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, walkway, balcony, or lounge; you need an expert’s advice in making the right choice. Remember, the goal is not just to pick the affordable one. It must also be unique, practicable, and timeless. 

Therefore, we have searched through different cultures and places and come up with a collection of trendy colors of terrazzo tiles. At the same time, we included some of the latest matching patterns and materials that make your surface exquisite. Let us dive straight in. 

Living Coral

You can hardly reject any home finish material in coral color, except it contrasts with the existing paint. The living coral often appears warm and exciting with a vibrant and optimistic shade. In addition, it gives a sense of attraction to the surface or the environment, even from afar. Therefore, having a coral floor or wall surface of terrazzo tiles may be an escape from the bustling world of technology and social media. 

Mainly, if you have some interest in life under the sea, the coral color brings out the natural beauty of your surface. Its vibrant color can easily mesmerize the architecture of any area. However, there is no doubt how intense the living coral color tiles can appear. And you need not be afraid. Instead, the interior designer should find a way to bring the combinations alive in a state of harmony and positivity. This energy can be helpful when designing a place of relaxation and comfort. Click here to read about How to get stains out of terrazzo floors.

Latest Color Trends of Terrazzo Tiles in 2022


Next to the living coral color is the color blue. Little wonder, this color has found its way close to the top of the chart of color options for terrazzo tiles. The color blue symbolizes trust and dependability, which comes with a mentally soothing passion. The different shades you find with the color blue make it preferable across the entire world. As a result, one can quickly calm down and come up with some of the rarest ideas for terrazzo tiles.

The blue color can be perfect for bathrooms if it is not overused. Overuse of the blue tint can create a rather cold, distant, and unfriendly. However, the correct use of blue, which requires blending with other colors, can give a sense of calmness. One option to consider for blue colors is the Estrellita Marine Blue, which can be perfect for bathrooms with a freestanding bathtub. Visit to read about Uncommon methods to clean tapware fittings.

Latest Color Trends of Terrazzo Tiles in 2022


Yellow is lovely when you have kids within the home. Research showed that the yellow color is the first color infants respond to and identify. The yellow color on the tiles gives a sense of happiness cheerfulness with positive energy. It can have some of the most potent mental effects on our life when used correctly. Nowadays, yellow is becoming more and more appreciable among interior home decorators.

Latest Color Trends of Terrazzo Tiles in 2022

Furthermore, yellow comes in different exciting shades for your pleasure, from intense yellow to mustard. As for terrazzo tiles in yellow, they come in various attractive designs and shades. And you can begin to pick the very peculiar one that matches your favorite pattern. Some of the top recommendations for yellow terrazzo colors are the Yellow Zellige tiles and the Grey Terrazzo floor. The result of any of these two choices is a bright and elegant output. Using the color yellow also makes the room appear more extensive and more spacious than it is. As a result, yellow is the color of terrazzo tiles if your space is small and limited. Also read 7 Gorgeous Zellige Tile Ideas for Your Kitchen.


Green is another exciting color that is trendy in interior and exterior finishes today, adding balance and harmony. Terrazzo tiles in green are the surest ways to bring the natural environment into your space. It symbolizes rest, health, and natural restoration for your home interior. The SW2 Bergamo Silver is another choice item within the Resin collection. 

Latest Color Trends of Terrazzo Tiles in 2022

You can decide to combine a hexagonal graphic green cement tile alongside a wide range of brick tiles. Another option is the shell-shape Zellige tiles. If you plan to create a contemporary look in your bathroom, you should try out the Herringbone Bricks Bancha green. It can work more perfectly with other light-colored tiles while laying the terrazzo tiles over the background. 

Blush Pink

We have mentioned how peculiar the yellow color is for kids and infants. Another attractive terrazzo tiles color for the home is blush pink which attracts women. Generally, it is often assumed that the pink color is more for girls. While this may not be far from the truth, pink is more widely used in other shades to suit different genders.

Latest Color Trends of Terrazzo Tiles in 2022

As a result, pink is also for everyone and is becoming more widely accepted. We recommend some peculiar pink-colored terrazzo tiles, including the Estrellita Pink tiles with star-shaped patterns. Another similar option is the Pink Terrazzo, Zellige, in hexagonal shapes or brick tiles. Moreover, you can combine the blush pink tiles with white, grey, black, yellow, and even white tiles. 


Terrazzo tiles present a variety of colors to anyone who wants to create a modern design. In addition, you can create stunning interior designs with the right help of an expert. Click here to explore the most suitable color of terrazzo tiles.